Intellectual Disabilities


The Durkin Foundation provides promise, guidance, and support to all recipients who live with intellectual disabilities. We provide assistance with:

Educational Seminars

Skilled Training

Summer Programs

After School Support

Social Integration

Dance Classes


“The Durkin Foundation has brought so much joy and positivity into our lives and I’m incredibly grateful for their kindness. Matt has taken time out of his busy schedule to stay connected with frequent check-ins. He immediately makes each child feel important and is invested in what they have to say, remembering their stories and interests from one visit to the next. The class is beyond excited when I announce he’s coming in to see us and the mood is instantly lifted.”

– Tayla Makevich, Special Education Teacher, Tyngsborough High School

“When your child is diagnosed with significant developmental disabilities, your world can feel a little lonely. We are so grateful to the Durkin family and to the generosity of the donors who make their foundation possible, for reminding us that we are not alone on this journey. With the donation from The Durkin Foundation, we were able to provide Jack with a therapy pool.  He uses it multiple times a week and absolutely loves inviting his friends over to swim with him.  It’s one of the few places his body can move just as freely as everyone else, and it’s been an incredible joy to watch”

—Curt & Katie Lampron

“The support from The Durkin Foundation has allowed Sean’s feeding therapist, ( Amanda Valvezan, SLP)
to focus on both his motor and sensory needs. We also use play based therapy to target his goals and encourage Sean to be an adventurous eater. He is currently working on chewing and exploring more solid foods. We also were able to put Sean into swimming lessons, which has been a complete gift. We are thankful for the Durkin Foundations support in our families journey”

—John & Janelle Dunderdale